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  • Discontent is the first necessity of progress.


  • Some say always being unsatisfied about things makes you a loser.
    But.. what if everyone were satisfied with everything?
    Can you imagine a world where technology was a mere act of exercise?

  • My name is Marco. I’m a 30yr old guy from northern Italy.


    I work(ed) at basili.co, and I’m the proud founder and lead product manager of Relio and F.lens.


    I’m a computer programmer, web analyst, full-stack web developer,
    IT security consultant, copywriter, thinkerer, electronics enthusiast, high-CRI lighting expert and, above all, an entrepreneur.


    The truth is:  I’m all of that, and none of that.


    My major weakness is that I like a lot of things, and every passion of mine
    gets the same treatment: I try to master it.


    Since my time is a finite measure, I realized that the fastest way to learn something
    is to understand the inner workings.


    So.. here I am! A tech-savvy, product oriented guy with particular concern for electronics,
    physics, usability and life-improving solutions.


    My lifetime ambition is to make a full-stack consumer product that closes the gap
    between hardware and software, to be finally able to handle something
    that won’t make me angry in the first ten minutes of use.


    Mechanically speaking, I like being strongly unconventional.
    I built a 35mph e-bike, I ride a self-rebuilt two-stroke sports motorbike and I drive
    a Wankel engine car with no pistons.


    I have a BSc in Computer Science / IT Security (full marks cum laude) from University of Milan.


    My friends label me the ‘know-it-all guy’.
    I hate that moniker.



    - -